Are you in the process of acquiring, merging, or taking over a company, are you a potential investor, or do you simply want to know the legal status of your intangible assets and their consequent value in processes of buying, selling, pledging, etc.? We help you review all legal documents, intellectual property rights, assess the condition, potential pitfalls and dangers, and provide suggestions for improvement.

What is In-Depth Legal Due Diligence?

It is the process of collecting, understanding, and evaluating all legal risks associated with the procedures of mergers, acquisitions, sales, and takeovers of companies. We meticulously review all documents related to the target company and sometimes interview individuals connected to it to examine operational risks in relation to legal ones. The purpose of the review is to understand, determine, and assess whether future legal issues due to the purchase/sale/takeover could lower the value and cause damage.

This process ensures that you are fully informed of the legal and operational health of the entity you are investing in, facilitating a well-informed decision-making process and safeguarding your investments from unforeseen liabilities.

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